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We are a non governmental organization that has the interest of the people at heart and the different forms of human activities we can do to better Mankind and its environs with collaboration from the international community

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25th October

Visiting Schools

The foundation took out time to reach out to schools and Individuals in certain localities.

27th October

Handing Sanitary Equipments

Due to the corona virus outbreak we handed out tons of hygienic equipment’s to schools

27th October


UNESCO has always madeĀ  a priority to better the life of people through effective sensitization Campaigns

Our Projects

We are an active foundation with the mandate of promoting young minded intellects over the years we have doubled our efforts in making the society great

Distribution of WASH Kits. FIED

hygiene promotion. FIED/UNICEF

Head teacher GS molyko, Buea

Your Generous Gift Will Bring Joy And Purpose To Orphans Around The World

areer Based Orientation

15,000 students receive comprehensive career based orientation is Cameroon


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Ensuring clean and safe school environment water, sanitation and Hygein in schools is our priority

Child protection

ringing back out of school girls


Advancing inclusive education, Peace and Social Justice in Cameroon.


No to HIV, no to Malaria

Become a Volunteer

we deserve to be happy in North West Region and South West Regions of Cameroon

Heal care inovation

fight Maleria,HIV and other dealy deases

Social Inclusion

inclusive education for all. advancing inclusive education for all.

Social Justice

equitable, quality and equitable education for all

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FIED has been an implementing partner to UNICEF since the year 2020 till date in the domain of inclusive education and WASH in schools.
FIED Partner
"FIED/UNESCO partner to provide e learning to IDPs children in 20 community centers in Fako and Meme, Cameroon.
capitation grants was one of the mandate given to FIED BY UNESCO .

Just $5 grows a critical health and education fund serving thousands of children. We need your help.

Goal: $90000